Friday, March 29, 2013

Climate Change Requires Us To Get Mad

I had the privilege of meeting up with Natasha Robinson, a fellow Redbud writer, at the Justice Conference this past February.  Both exhausted from weekend long conversations with new justice fighting friends, we met briefly in the lobby of our hotel and then darted across the street to get some bottled water and snacks.  Like many other women I am meeting these days, Natasha wears many hats - wife, mom, graduate student, writer and speaker.  Today, I have attached an article I wrote for her blog, A Sista's Journey.  After reading this article, check out her work and words at:

Climate Change Requires Us To Get Mad

The climate needs to change when it comes to women and girls in our world.  Enough is enough.  The commodification and objectification of women and girls – and even young boys – may we not forget the young boys – needs to end.  We can no longer continue on living in a world where violence against women and children is tolerated and many times glamorized.  It must end.  If we continue to passively go about our lives as usual in our current culture climate – we will eventually become numb to the violence, the empty, pitiful evil existence of reducing God’s creation into nothing more than something to consume. 

We need to get mad.  We need to feel rage.  We need to speak the Truth.  We need to pursue Justice.  We need claim the power that our Creator gives each of us.  We need to move. 

We need to take our fingers out of our ears.  Yes, it is bad.  It is worse than we can imagine.  It is sad.  But we are NOT helpless.  There is something – there is always something we can do and become to help the climate change. 

We can listen.  We can learn.

Pimps are not to be glorified.  They are traffickers and slave owners.  Bitches and whores are beautiful women who are trafficking victims, slaves who do not wear iron shackles but are scarred by burnt flesh of branding, tattoos, threats, shame, broken bones, manipulations, starvation, and isolation.  

We can inconvenience ourselves a bit and signed up to receive updates from anti-trafficking organizations.  We can read a book by a survivor.  We can pay attention to the stories we hear in the news.  We can talk about what we are learning with our friends and family.  We can vote for legislation that increases the level of services for victims of sex trafficking.  We can stop calling it child prostitution and began to call it children sexually exploited.  

We can begin to call it slavery.  

We can listen to the women on the streets.  We can give them a voice.  We can give them respect.  We can see them.  

We don't have all the answers.  But we are asking questions.  And we know we have power to find them.  

We are refusing to do nothing.  The climate can change.  


  1. I was so excited to discover your blog! I am a fellow abolitionist mama too! I actually had the chhance to meet your co-author Shayne this past weekend at a fundraiser event and purchased the book. I can't wait to read it!

    1. Thank you for reading both my blog and our book. We hope it provides fellow abolitionists tools for actively engaging and ways to bring their spheres of influence along as well. You can also stay in touch with us at our Refuse To Do Nothing Facebook page.